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About Charles Gundlach, and much of what has happened to him

For all of my adult life, it has been very important to make a positive difference - to have a purpose in life. Now it seems that I no longer am able to make a difference to anyone - that makes each day very difficult.

I would welcome any position wherein I can make a positive contribution!

I was born in Boston Massachusetts. My grandparents’ relatives (the Hales) came over on the Mayflower. I was made aware of their History, as I grew up. During my teens and beyond, I frequented many historical places - Lexington, Concord,  and Faneuil Hall among them.I grew up loving my country and its history.

My father rarely, if ever acted as such. Niether he nor my mother attended any school functions, and I had to work in his restaurant every day after school and all weekends. This made it difficult to get good grades in school, and I rarely was able to attend school functions. During my teen years, my grandfather was my father figure. It was in his home that I would invite my friends. He was one of the most honest men that I have ever known. The values that I have carried throughout my life came from him and my grandmother.

After High School, I joined the Air Force, hoping to get a college education from there. But that was not to be, as I was unable to get a clearance due to my father being a German sympathizer during World War II. As a child, I remember my father evicting my Grandparents from our Massachusetts home over an argument about the Germans. I can still see my grandfather limping down the snowy driveway with my grandmother in tow.

After my discharge, I worked at my parent's restaurant, under the GI Bill, learning to become a Chef. But instead of learning, I was mostly washing pots and pans. Then, after my father hired a new chef, I was let go.

I changed my name from Carl to Charles - nickname Charly. From then on, I worked hard, in all my jobs, to do my best. I constantly educated myself when and where possible. I believed in the American Dream.Working hard with integrity has always worked for me until the latter half of 2008. I was unprepared for people lacking in empathy and principles. Not only that, but I stupidly and naively stuck to my principles despite evidence that they were alien to the Bradley SW Test Group Management. This to the detrement of myself, my wife, and my coworkers Oliver Liggins and Allen Bowron.

By becoming aware of what has impacted my life, you may be better prepared to avoid unprincipled businesses by becoming aware of them. To find out more about me, visit the following pages:
  • Congressional Non-help - after responding many times to contribute money in behalf of my local Congressional represetatives, they did nothing to help me when I asked and did't even acknowledge my latest correspondence. Is it ALL about politics?!
  • Student Loans - The Art Institute of Pittsburgh  commited extortion to get my student loan- how my attendance there further destroyed my financial situation - if you can't find work and need help with your Federal Student Loan, you will not get any, especially if you are a senior, as even if you are unable to work, they will take it from your retirement and thus make it impossible to exist.
  • Timeshare Scams - WorldMark by Wyndham and  BuyaTimeshare.com are major scamsers. Beware of both!
  • IRS and JK Harris - How the IRS can ruin middle class lives, and how companies like JK Harris prey on people having problems with IRS, steal their money, and get away with it! These companies only exisit becaus IRS is a failure!
  • Music - my family's history in music - my famous uncle who gave Leonard Berstien piano lessons.
  • Our Cats - how they saved my life before they passed!
  • Saving president Ford - Charly saving the President Ford's life from Sarah Jane Moore's assassination attempt.
  • My 2014 Resume

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