The Undeserving Hurt that has befallen my wife - by all that know her, an Angel - charlyslife

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The Undeserving Hurt that has befallen my wife - by all that know her, an Angel

I married my wife (Ally) in 2005. I felt so lucky and honored that she became my wife. I had high hopes and dreams of a successful and secure future for us both. We chose to live in a very cramped apartment to save money for our home in WA, where we intended to move at some point in the future

In 2009, we lived in our home in WA. We loved it there! When we moved in, the house was trashed by the tenants that had been living there. The back yard looked like a war zone filled with several holes deep enough to be bunkers. The majority of each day was spent either fixing up the inside or the outside. Eventually the back yard became a large garden – it was Ally’s pride and joy! see related slideshow on the EricGundlach page (scroll to bottom). But we could not endure, Ally was forced to leave to take a caregiver job in San Jose so that we could afford our mortgage, payments to IRS, and attorney and other fees related to BAE Systems. The day Ally left, I wrote an email to my attorney. It expresses my fellings that there is no longer justice for the common man, as the "corporate person" has all the power and money to destroy us!

Ally attained a Bachelor’s Degree in Russia, and worked as head nurse at a large clinic. She so wanted to go to school in the US, so that she could be a nurse here - it was her passion! She studied English diligently to prepare for Nursing School. But her dream was shattered when I was forced out of BAE Systems in 2008. It was so devastating to her that she suffered a mild stroke. Now as 2014 draws ro close, the continuous stress and fear that the IRS has imposed upon her is destroying her health!

Ever since then, she has been working as a caregiver and a house cleaner. Her patients revere her for her hard work and empathy – she is always in demand. It is a huge loss to America that she will never be able to apply her abilities and compassion to being a nurse here. Nurses are needed, especially ones of her caliber!

We now, after almost becoming homeless, live in a Senior Facility - Chai House in San Jose, CA. She vounteered to take charge of their rose garden, which was nearly dead. This is good for her, as she loves gardening. She is now known as "The Rose Lady"!
Although I wish more for her, she keeps telling me that she is happy to be working. She is always going out of her way to help other seniors here, be they her patients or not. She always offers a smile and a good word. We both attended a Christmas 2013 fireplace lighting, and she took it upon herself to serve those unable to do so themselves, and to help clean up afterwards.

I am so fortunate to know her and to be with her - I only wish I could give her back even a little bit of what she gives to me and others.
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