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Alex, my good boy

In Memory of Alex

In 2002, I lived in a 2 bedroom, 2 bath cabin home on Mt. Hood. I loved living there, more than any other place ever. But, I was alone. One day, on a whim, I stopped by an animal shelter in Multnomah County, OR. I walked around in an area where there were many cats. Each time I walked by Alex's cage, he reached out to me, yet I left and went home.

The next day I was compelled to go back to adopt Alex. Turns out, he was the favorite of the people that worked at the shelter, and they said that they would miss him.

For several years he was my only constant companion, and we went through ups and downs together. He likely knows me better than anyone. I feel very close to him, and love him more than words can express!

Alex could always sense when one of us was feeling down or sick. Whichever one of us was feeling this way, he would come and lay on our chest, look into our eyes, and stay their until we got up. He was very special! His only con was that we could not let him sleep with us as he liked to sit on our head.

Alex's coat looks as if a painter threw globs of color at him in a random pattern. We often joke that he is the same inside his head, as he frequently acts crazy, running very fast around our apartment in a random fashion. We see this as a good thing, as the exercise keeps him in shape and younger than his years!

He is now (in cat years) 80, close to the same age as I. Often, I worry about losing him. Often, I worry about what would happen to him if I were gone. I know from experience that animals can die from grief.

On November 9, 2015 we had to put Alex down. He became very ill. No treatments or medications helped. I am so very sad and lonely, there are no words to express the pain of losing him!

Lily, Alex's best friend passed away before he did. We could watch him look for her and feel how much he missed her. Although many don't seem to realize, animals grieve at least as much as we do.

Mozart & Muffin
I once had a Rottweiler named Mozart. He and one of my little female cats (Muffin) were in love. At some point, Mozart had to be put down because of double hip failure. All day every day, for the next week, Muffin did nothing but search for Mozart. At the end of that period, she passed away. It was a huge loss; they were loved very much and I miss them to this day!

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