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Jim Drehs, Tom Cravens & Liz Raia wrongly axed veteran Sys Analysts - BAE Systems, Santa Clara, CA

Jim Drehs

his manipulation began shortly after he was hired at BAE Systems. Although those of us experienced did not know why, it soon became apparent that he wanted to take over. His MO was to latch on to a younger, eager worker and dump his duties upon them, leaving time for him to manipulate those above him.
"Hey Buddy!" or "You're my buddy!"
We observed the way that he, a master of sophistry, got information from others in a way that caused them to believe he knew the answer already and was just testing them -
"How do you.......?"
Response - "I knew that!" or "You're exactly right!"

In 2007, he accelerated his drive to force me out (refer to pages 13 and 14 of The BAE Systems Report). On a day described in the report, on page 14 - just before item C., I was diagnosed as having suffered a mild stroke, as a result of my near termination caused by Drehs lying to Liz Raia.

Many more incidents occurred through the remainder of 2007 and through October of 2008. I only realize now how much stress this was causing me at the time. Towards the end of 2008 he began setting me up for the final blow - he told me on an almost daily basis that Jerry Venema - his manager - didn't like consultants and wanted them all to go. I found it difficult to believe that an upper manager would even make such a statement, and thought it just another of Jim's prolific manipulative lies. I never met Jerry Venema so I can't really know for sure. I do know that Jim disparaged my accomplishments and value to the company as well as those of OJ Liggins.
Elizabeth (Liz) Raia

Liz submitted the following for my 2008 contract renewal:
The ACCESS database has been continuously developed over the past 7 years Charles has been managing, maintaining and using the database for the past two (plus) years. Charles clearly understands that verifying all requirements are met is paramount and our most important job. It has always been Charles' prime goal, both in writing test cases, teaching a class on the subject, and in maintaining the ACCESS database. With troops dying on a daily basis, and knowing that their lives depend on how seriously we take our work and how well we perform it, he undertook to make some comprehensive changes that would elevate the database to a test case management system Charles' test cases are exemplary and he developed and taught a class on the subject last year.

She stated. at two separate meetings of the entire Test Department, "Charly is the most honest persom that I know". I wonder now if she was mocking me.During the latter part of 2008, Liz was having problems with remembering such things as how to get her Outlook email. I attributed it to stress.At those times, she would ask either me or Allen Bowron for help. I felt that she trusted that we would not discuss this with anyone else. Yet, when the end drew near she did not stand behind us at all and instead contributed to us being forced out.

At one point she had OJ Liggins accompany her to Jerry Venema’s office to discuss going to HR to fire Jim Drehs, but ultimately reversed herself, leaving OJ nakedly vulnerable to Jim's eventually forcing him out. Although Jerry Venema was informed about Jim Drehs, he never did a thing about it. As far as Jerry Venema went, it seemed that Jim Drehs could break rules at will; like taking his wife in an armored vehicle on a military base vacation paid for by the company. I feel that if Mark Pedrosi had remained in Jerry Venema's position, none of this would have been allowed to happen, as he would have seen through Jim Drehs as did all of us that were forced out!
Tom Cravens
was belligerent towards me from as early as I can remember after his being hired. Whenever I would hold a meeting regarding the database he would not want to accept what I said. I would have to go into detail as to why something had to be stated a certain way in a test case - I had published a set of rules - Guidelines – Writing test Cases Utilizing the ACCESS Test Case Main Form - that were available to all, but I still needed to explain it to him. This happened frequently, and he often made this statement - "That's not the way we did it where I came from!" In my opinion, when you are hired to do a job, you do your best to work for that company, and to obey their rules and ways of doing things.

In the latter months of 2008, Tom Cravens gained unimagined authority and freedom from adhering to company rules. I knew beyond any reasonable doubt that he blackmailed Jim Drehs, and so held him under his thumb. It would not take rocket science for anyone to find this true based upon the evidence that I provided on page 16 of The BAE Systems Report. Just before I was forced out, he made an arbitrary decision regarding the ODS database, which permanently compromised it in many

Status Quo - our troops deserve much more
As a life-long principle, I have always worked hard on my job to become more proficient at it. For my life to have purpose and meaning – to make a difference - has always been very important to me, as has integrity! These principles have always served me well and have been acknowledged by all previous employers. Until 2008, the same was true in the SW Test department at BAE Systems, but then all changed and these very values became a threat, and the downfall to those of us who held true to them.

Abuse of the Legal System
As the end of my case approached, my attorney, Trevor Zink stated that he learned that someone at BAE Systems had not liked me for a long time, and would see to it that I would never receive the $35000 owed to me and would destroy me in the process. Of course, I knew them to be Tom Cravens and Jim Drehs. They then completely controlled the group and ruled by fear and intimidation. No one was/is allowed to question them or talk to the outside group that comes periodically to validate the test procedures during SQT.

My attorney - Trevor Zink/Omni Law Group, LLP - said that he would provide details of BAE System's abuse of the legal system if asked.

In December 2012, I received a shocking call stating that one of the other three most experienced Test Analysts – Allen Bowron – had been found in his home lying on the floor, unable to move, having suffered a major stroke. He was found in time to save his life, but he, in his early fifties, will remain bed ridden and will require 24 hour care for the rest of his life! He said that as he was lying there, only one thought prevailed - what Jim Drehs had done!

In the artwork below, the intimidating photo of Jim Drehs is the one that he chose for his Facebook page.
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