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BAE Report Docs

About the Supporting Documents
(links to the documents may be found in the yellow box either to the right or the bottom)

Reading these supporting documents are necessary only for those who are interested in the full report, as they are referenced within it.

Invoice 06-15
This is a typical invoice given to Liz Raia every month. We both signed it in her office, and she then submitted it to justify my receiving payment for my efforts. Without the signing and submission of the invoice, I would not be paid. When Jim Drehs told me to leave immediately on October 24, 2008, I could have proven his mendacity but I was denied further access to my computer. Liz Raia had all of my invoices, and had she so desired could have come forth with the truth – that there had been no contract overrun! In addition to not doing so, she later sent me a scathing email admonishing me for allowing the overrun to occur?!?!?

Hours Accounting
This is a typical accounting of my hours kept for Liz Raia and known by her to be always availabe on my office computer. These files were kept in case a breakdown of what I worked on each day was needed.

Test Cases Training 0208
This is a PowerPoint presentation of a training class which I conducted in February of 2008

Writing Requirements Based Test Cases
A PowerPoint presentation, the purpose of which is to present a knowledge base regarding Writing Requirements Based Test Cases.

Bradley Databases Templates Improvements
A PowerPoint presentation detailing improvements that I introduced on all Bradley Database Templates (Including Changes Requiring Special Handling needed because of changes that were made on the databases which I attempted to prevent).

Traceability is critical
A paper detailing the importance of maintaining traceability - cg 7/08 (based upon Villanova classes material)

Creating a New Database
Instructions on how a new database must be created since the unwarranted changes described on Page 8, Section C.

Utility Updates
In February,2007, I made new utilities available (Available Utilities). Also, there were many cases where a wrong value input to a database form caused the database to crash. I wrote VBA code to prevent this from happening and to warn Test Engineers before a wrong value was accepted. After that, I began importing to all databases the many improvements and added features that I had developed in ODS SA. After every change, I would send an "update" email to all Test Engineers. They are five, and they are listed and accesable in(Document Links) on the right, below
Available Utilities

Charles Gundlach Resume 2013
My Resume

OJ Liggins Education, Experience, Performance, etc.
It would not take rocket science to reach a conclusion as to the disparity between Mr. Liggins' expertise and education and that of Tom Cravens, and to raise the question as to how he (Cravens) became the first non-degreed person to have become a permanent employee. He did so by blackmailing Jim Drehs!

Whistleblower Protection Law.
The law that should have protected me from BAE Systems assault to destroy me financially for authoring “The BAE Systems Report". Apparently My Congressional Representative's office was unaware of this law, and upon further investigation, I have found that only been 2.5% of all cases have been addressed! What message does this give to folks that want to report things that could endanger our Homeland's security?

Correspondence - Congress (related to BAE Systems)
Reading this correspondence is necessary only for those who are interested in how my Congressional Representative's office responded to my request for assistance. The documents may be accessed on the "Congressional No-Help" page

The Initial letter to Congresswoman Eshoo describes the BAE Systems perpetrators, and details what happened leading up to my illegal contract termination. Subsequent related correspondence with Congresswoman Eshoo's office follows.

The BAE Systems Report
(Supporting Documentation Links)

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