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Use this Site Map to guide you to pages that may be of particular interest to you.
Overview – an overview of this website - its motivation, purpose and, goals.
BAE Perpetrators - How our lives changed forever by unconscionable perpetrators Jim Drehs, Tom Cravens, and Liz Raia.
BAE Report Docs - overview of documents related to The BAE Systems Report, links to each one, and to the report itself.
Eric Gundlach -  abuse suffered upon us by my son, who was mentored by Bill Black of America One Finance, Vancouver, WA.
Eric Gundlach Report - overview of documents related to The Eric Gundlach Report, links to each one, and to the report itself.
Student Loans -  The Art Institute of Pittsburgh - how my attendance there further destroyed my financial situation - if you can't find work and need help with your Federal Student Loan, you will not get any, especially if you are a senior, as even if you are unable to work, they will take it from your retirement and thus make it impossible to exist.
IRS and JK Harris - How the IRS can ruin lives, and how companies like JK Harris prey on people having problems with IRS, steal their money, and get away with it!
Congressional No-Help – requesting help, gettiong none!
Timeshare Scams - WorldMark by Wyndham and scams. Beware of both!
About My Wife – a caring and loving woman whose future has been permanently compromised by the BAE perpetrators.
About Me – an overview of my beliefs, aspirations, accomplishments, and failures, as well as important related links.
Saving President Ford - Charly saving the President Ford's life from Sarah Jane Moore's assassination attempt.
Music - my family's history in music.
Our Cats - how they saved my life before they passed!
Contact – a form for you to contact us.
Sociopaths – information regarding sociopaths – knowledge that could save your career or your life.
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