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IRS Abuse of the Middle Class - JK Harris' Fraud

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IRS (scroll down for JK Harris)

"No wonder they have a leadership that is selected not for competence but for deviousness. What’s incentivized in our system is spinning half-truths and propaganda with a straight face and running cons that entrench the pathology of power"

From 1967 through 1969 I had major problems with IRS leading up to loss of my home and dropping out of college. The final resolution was entirely in my favor, yet I was warned by the then IRS director in San Jose that future involvement with my Congressman would incur future problems.

In 1998 the IRS imposed a lien on my ex-wife’s home in Florida for money owed on my 1987 taxes; the year of a large financial loss. I attempted many, many times to correct this error, but made no headway. I tried to correct it via the Jacksonville IRS office but they were not helpful in any way. I later contacted the Jacksonville "Ombudsman” but could not get any further. I found out later that the Jacksonville agent that was so unhelpful was the same lady that deceitfully posed as an "Ombudsman”.
The end result, which has endured for years, is intense distrust and fear of the IRS.
(For details of the above problems, click the IRS Dishonesty and Intimidation and other links in the yellow box, either on the right or at the bottom of the page.)

In 2010, finding JK Harris a fraud (they existed to scam innocent people only because IRS treats innocent people so unrteasonably), I wrote a letter to IRS (click the IRS Letter – May 2010 link in the yellow box, either on the right or at the bottom of the page.)
The letter ultimately got me to visit the Taxpayer Advocate in San Jose, CA. She worked with me over a period of several weeks. I submitted an almost 2" thick stack of relevant documents. The result was a payment plan that I would have been able to handle. But shortly after she submitted it, it was turned down by "somebody with a spreadsheet". The monthly payment that I was then presented with was way far beyond what I could pay without becoming homeless. "somebody with a spreadsheet" stated that we could afford to pay $4000/month. Our total income at that time $4400/month! How this person thought that two people could live on $400/month is beyond comprehension!

I wrote another letter which I no longer have a copy of, as it, and the stack of documents enclosed, was lost when my computer crashed shortly after sending it. Basically, I stated that the stack of paper work that I enclosed (my last copy of what I had submitted to the Taxpayer Advocate) was the last time that I would ever send such. I had reached my limit, after attempting to work with IRS over a period of several years. I recall pointing out that the cost of living in Silicon Valley CA was higher than Alaska, and that we were trapped here due to my wife's health insurance which was needed to cover treating her brain tumor. I asked for reasonableness based upon the facts of our financial and health conditions. The stress of dealing with the IRS over a period of years, coupled with the attack on me by BAE Systems and my son stealing my home and retirement money almost ended my life. My doctor caught an abnormality in my EKG and sent me to a cardiologist. I immediately went to hospital and had two stents inserted. 90 days I had a second heart surgery - in another main artery, a third stent was inserted. My arteries were almost closed due to stress. Prior to that, I was aware that the stress had reduced my kidney function to 30%, but very surprised that I had heart problems; I was completely unaware!

The letter mentioned above, resulted in an agreement to pay $300.00/month, but unlike the agreement that the Taxpayer Advocate suggested, it included penalties and interest such that it would never be able to be absolved during our life time. In addition, they posted extensive liens on us making it impossible to get any emergency loans, causing our credit score to be forever low. We currently owe in excess of $25000 – making all payments on time appears not to matter to them. The fact that Almira could be making good money as a nurse (she was head nurse at a large clinic in Russia, managing over 100 other employees) if she could afford courses doesn’t seem to matter as well. The fact that I have skills (click to go to if I could afford to advertise, and am an accomplished photographer (but need a new camera) does not matter to them either. Giving us the room to make more money and thus pay more taxes matters less than squeezing us to death. In my opinion the IRS is broken and deeply flawed, similar to the Veterans’ Administration!

Now, with our current financial situation we are very close to losing our apartment and becoming homeless. There is a low income section in our apartment community, which could be our last resort, but we don't qualify as our gross income is too high. I will attempt to get IRS to take the $300/month from my Social Security check so that my gross income will reflect reality. Other than that, we are lost.

JK Harris

For many years I have attempted to clear up my tax problems. In 2005 I paid JK Harris over $5000 to handle them. They accomplished nothing – each year a new person was assigned to my account. The new person would send me a letter stating that JK Harris had not received necessary documents from me and would do no work until they did. Each year, I sent the same papers again, until 2009 when I gave up on them. At that point, I engaged Marvin Benson, an attorney in Vancouver WA, to do my 2002 taxes. He completed the return, but I was unable to pay him for some time later.
A few days ago, I googled JK Harris, and found that they declared bankruptcy in 2011.

The following is from
On March 11, 2012, company founder John K. Harris was arrested for contempt of court for failure to obey a court order in a separate case that pre-dates the bankruptcy. The court order required him to attend a hearing and disclose his income and assets. His attorney, Jack Sinclaire, stated that Harris had been aware of the order but had been busy with the bankruptcy matter. Sinclaire stated: "He [Harris] told the judge he saw the paperwork, but he figured he was in bankruptcy and just didn't do anything about it".[15] On March 12, 2012, the bankruptcy trustee filed a motion in the Bankruptcy Court asserting that it was "extremely difficult or impossible to trace the assets and cash flow of these Debtors" because John K. Harris had been uncooperative. The motion asks the Bankruptcy Court to force Harris to cooperate.[12] The bankruptcy trustee is seeking a nearly $4.8 million judgment against Harris, alleging that he improperly took at least that much out of JK Harris and related companies while they were insolvent, from 2004 until they shut down.
So it seems all of us that this company stole from will never get our money back!

(To finf out more, click the JK Harris Concerns 2007 link in the yellow box, either on the right or at the bottom of the page.)

More and more, it seems true that only the rich, the powerful, or those that commit a heinous crime receive justice!
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