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Whether using words like "Be Blessed" lend to the belief that a person is Christian, lying is not! Deceiving seniors is both evil and beyond repugnant.  (scroll down for Worldmark by Wyndham)

Shortly after I knew we could be in trouble with our Worldmark by Windham account, I responded to an email ad from Subsequently, I talked on the phone with Cynthia Hudson, Advertising Agent for She promised my wife and I, before we signed a contract, that she would sell my January WorldMark by Wyndham vacation. She assured us that my Cabo vacation during the “hard-to-get month” (her words) of January would be easy to sell. She stated that she had two ladies that were expert in this area, and if they were not successful, she would buy it herself. She stated that $750 should be easy to obtain for the January Baja vacation. We clearly discussed that receiving anything over $500 would allow me to make our November payment and thus not face foreclosure by WorldMark.

On November 11, suddenly realizing that my monthly payment to WorldMark was a day late, I got my computer working andchecked everywhere possible for the ad for the Cabo rental. There was none - Unbelievable! No matter how hard someone looked for aCabo vacation rental they would not find it! It was listed under WorldMark by Wyndham Resorts Page 11 - California.
(ref the "Screen Shot Cabo Ad 11-2009" link in the yellow box, either to the right or at the bottom)

I wrote an email to Cynthia, and while she expressed sympathy and blessed me, she said that my $600 could not be refunded – nothing she could do. In that email, and others she ignored all of my statements regarding the Coral Baja January vacation. $300 of the $600 was for Vacation Rental. I stated that at least I should recover that amount. And since they have done nothing, and foreclosure seems imminent they should refund the whole amount. They knew, and have known from the beginning, that unless I could sell the vacation for greater than $500, that there would be nothing left to sell – $600 for nothing!

Soon thereafter I lost the timeshare. I had many more problems after that, as described in this website. I had not thought about until I recently returned a call from them hoping that the problem would be resolved. The male person that I talked with was very condescending and gloatingly told me that there would never be a resolution in my favor. He further stated that did not deal with vacation rentals. I was very upset and insulted, so I may be wrong in stating that I brought up their website and did not see rental activity. But at the time that I was dealing with Cynthia, they did! And today, 2/28/2014 the site again shows that they deal with selling vacation rentals. I have included links to screen captures of both the site as it was when I checked on my Cabo rental, and on 3/2/2014.

To clarify this complete fraud, a WorldMark by Wyndham Timeshare cannot be sold with a significant balance owed. Once purchased, the timeshare is worth only 45% of the price paid. They knew from the beginning that selling my timeshare was impossible, yet took my money anyway! The government should stop companies like this from preying on innocent American families. Why do they not!?

A few days ago (3/7/14), I found a company - Helping Timeshare Owners, LLC - that is designed to help people that have been, or are currntly suffering from companies like WorldMark by Wyndham. A representative of Helping Timeshare Owners, LLC took the time to talk with me for more than a half hour, even though it was apparent that she could do nothing for my specific case. We discussed as well, nad she told me that they ( are attempting to sue her company to still their voice. What this company does, is stop the harrasing calls and threats from WorldMark by Wyndham, but in my case, they had already stopped some time ago. So if you are being harrased, absolutely don't go near! Check out Helping Timeshare Owners, LLC instead. They seem legitimate - I hope they are. They do not sell timeshares!

Worldmark by Wyndham

In November 2006 I purchased a Worldmark Trendwest vacation membership for 12000 credits. I did so, as I was working so much, and wanted that my wife and I had the opportunity to take quality vacations in the future. The price was affordable. In March 2007, I began to receive calls to upgrade my membership. At the time, I was stressed due to problems with my son stealing from me. Because of my age (75) I was not handling the stress well and my decision making suffered. When the WorldMarkby Wyndham (Trendwest) rep made the statement that it would be an investment in our future, I relented and upgraded our membership.

After the wrongful and deceitful early termination of my consulting contract at BAE Systems on October 24, 2008, I began calling WorldMark in an attempt to go back to my original membership status. I was shocked to then find out that WorldMark was set up so that members could never drop back or sell their membership for enough money to get out clean. The stark truth – after purchase the value immediately dropped to 45% of the purchase price. Hardly an investment! They would not cooperate at all, and harassed me so much that my depression became unbearable. To remain sane, I faxed them a cease and desist notice. To view a typical response, click the Wyndham's Response link in the yellow box, either to the right or at the bottom.

My Response to their Response:

Although I am very depressed, I HAVE NOT ENTIRELY LOST MY MIND YET. Your above response is pitiful! I know that owners will get a call soon to upgrade to Elite, as I was, and will be presented my timeshare. You will therefore get paid nearly twice. While I completely agree that your resorts are excellent, your strategy for dealing with folks that have run into impossible financial chaos is reprehensible! It is all about harassment thereby driving people with insurmountable problems further into despair!
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